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OCTECO -is an investment-industrial company, which develops a large range of plastic sheets.

An analysis of the development in Russian and Newly independent States market needs,  for more than 10 years, has allowed our company specialists to produce plastic sheets with optimized combination "price - quality". Relying on the best technological and technical decisions of our partners well known plastic sheets and composite panels producers (Israel, Switzerland, Ireland and other), our company had succeeded, on reserve plant capacity of domestic and foreign profile industry, taking into consideration, the high qualification of our technical engineer personnel, to assimilate and start an industrial ceiling of great demand material of high quality, in the first place, to the construction firms.

Materials produced by company "OCTECO" are directed towards an application of revetment elevation of buildings and structures, interior decoration, windows trimming, translucent roofing of sport, trade and massive culture structures, construction of noise protected shields and overpasses on highways and city streets, construction and reconstruction hothouses of big territory and farmer or civil hotbeds.

This is only a small part of the range of application about all the range of materials, produced by company "OCTECO".
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